Team seobhole is 1 man army for SEO. If you have a website that you want to rank on google then seobhole might help you. With over 10 years in search engine optimization business now he is offering his best seo practices exclusively on Fiverr.<br /><br />Google considers a lot of factors while ranking a website. Onpage and Offpage are the two factors most of the seo consider focusing on. A website with good onpage can rank alone sometime without single backlinks, you can get lot of case studies on them. But that will only work on certain niches. <br /><br />Backlinks are important for website. It's like water for plants. To stay ahead of competitors one website need to have regular backlinks that relavent to it's niches. The more steady backlinks the more better. Some people creates hundreds and thousands of backlinks within a week and think they are done creating backlinks. This is totally wrong. <br /><br />Have you heard a man drinking lot of water on single day and didn't needed water ever after ? This doesn't works.<br /><br />Similarly we need to create backlink probly every day if not every week or every month. At least make some plans so that you can keep track of your links.<br /><br />Depending on types of links, not all liks stay permanent. For example profile links can be get removed by a forum administrator while filtering non active members and so on. This is the reason why we keep doing link building on regular basis.<br /><br />Today lot of people are talking about domain auhority. In online world you can see people discussing about moz domain authority known as DA and ahrefs domain authority known as DR. So which one should you focus on DA or DR ?<br /><br />It's simple. Both of them are seo tools by two different companies. They have their own crawlers that crawls backlinks of a website. If you compare DA and DR of any high authority site, you will find them quite near.<br /><br />But if you check DA and DR of any new website, you might find vast difference, why ?<br /><br />It's because Ahrefs crawlers are active and fast to index backlinks where are moz crawlers are slow and they take lot of time to crawl same backlinks.<br /><br />So it doesn't matter which authority DA or DR is high, it's same for the eye of Google becuase Google have their own crawlers. And Google analyse website authority based on their own algorithm, which no one knows.<br /><br />If you got high DR and low DA now, then after some time you will see your DA too increasing, it's just matter of time.<br /><br /><br /><strong>So here are some service bholeseo offers on Fiverr:</strong><br /><br />1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. <br />5. <br /><br /><br />You can get more services as well custom services after contacting him on fiverr.<br /><br />

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